What is a corporate video?

The answer is simple, we listen. We listen to who you are, what your brand is all about, and what message you want to showcase. We learn about your audience, we think about where someone will see the video, and we have a conversation with you to make sure we are all landing on the same page.

That being said, there are a variety of video types out there, and we want to give you a handy guide for thinking about what a corporate video is and could be.

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Finding inspiration in all the right places

If you've been around the corporate world long enough you've seen a "corporate video." The one where your boss is on camera looking awkwardly off frame, with the lighting on his face shockingly unflattering, and some graphics that use Papyrus or Comic Sans.

Luckily, thats not what we do.

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Misconceptions about video

The process of making a video gets a bad rap, and that's why we want to dispel some of the common misconceptions you may have heard about the video creation process. We aim to make the process easy for you, because let's face it, making a video is hard (and that's not a misconception, it's a real challenge!)

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