What is a corporate video?

How do you know what to make?

The answer is simple, we listen. We listen to who you are, what your brand is all about, and what message you want to showcase. We learn about your audience, we think about where someone will see the video, and we have a conversation with you to make sure we are all landing on the same page.

That being said, there are a variety of video types out there, and we want to give you a handy guide for thinking about what a corporate video is and could be.

The Explainer Video

This video is perhaps the most common. It consists of a thought-leader speaking on camera, along with some gorgeous footage that helps tell their story.

An example would be the CEO of a medical device company talking about a new technology that is now available for utilization in all US hospitals that will cut down on the rate of post operative infections. Footage of the new technology along with positive footage of happy patients receiving care would compliment the interview footage to give a complete understanding of the benefits of this new technology. 

These videos are great! We love to make them because we get to interact with the people who make your business run. These videos are your chance to capitalize on having the smartest people in the room tell an audience of viewers why this product or this initiative is going to change the world.

This style of video is a very exciting way to introduce your clients and customers to the people behind the brand.

The Story Video

You might think of this most commonly as "a branded short film." This video tells a story about characters with a problem that your services/product help solve. Your audience will get a truthful, heartfelt message delivered in the style theatrical movie, but with the focus always being on your brand and your style.

An example would be a short narrative film that tells the story of one young man’s journey as he goes about his day to day life while overcoming his disability. We see how your organization has impacted every facet of his life, how your product has made it possible for him to ride the bus, or how the counselors at your non-profit organization have helped this young man form bonds and friendships that will last a lifetime. We take the audience on an emotional journey that places your organization at the forefront of positive outcomes. 

The story video takes many forms, from a high end documentary to a narrative tale told with voice-over. There is no right or wrong way to make a story video, as long as what you make is earnest and honest.

Motion Graphics

Today, motion graphics are the hot new trend in video storytelling. They are a remarkable way to take complex ideas, like how your data engineers wrote proprietary software to help a piece of manufacturing technology operate more safely, and showcase them in fun and simple ways.

Telling a story through motion graphics is easy, our designer will deliver storyboards to you for your approval, and then at every step of the process you have a chance to look at and review what's being created.

Simply put, motion graphics take the extrmeley complex and presents it in an easy to digest format so your audience can easily see the value in what you are providing. 

Which one should I pick?

Let's talk! We want to help guide you, and not ask you to choose from a pre-made list of check boxes. The choice of what to make comes from a process of creative exploration, we deliver a complimentary proposal and pitch our ideas to you, and then we work with you closely to refine those ideas into the one that we think will perform the best for you.

We'd love to help you navigate the complex process of making a video, just shoot us an e-mail at howdy@forgeanddiscover.com to get your project started today.