Timeline & Logistics 


1: Contact Forge and Discover 

The first step in getting started on your video project is to contact us. We love hearing from new clients and we are excited to get to know you and your company. 

Once you contact us, we will be in touch within 24 hours to answer your questions and schedule a consultation call.

2: Consultation Call

During our consultation call we will dive deep into the details and learn about the requirements for your video project. We'll use this as an opportunity to learn about you, your business and how we can best help. 

If you are unsure about the creative process and how video can help you, we can offer our suggestions on the vision you are aiming to achieve. 

We will then work on creating a proposal that correlates directly to the discussion from this initial call. 

3: Proposal Delivery 

We aim to deliver our proposals within 72 hours of the consultation call. We will send the proposal to you via AdobeSign. 

Your proposal will present our creative vision for your video project and will include things like: examples of our previous work, a proposed budget and timeline, a creative brief for the video concept, and visual references.

4: PROPOSAL ACCEPTANCE & Initial Deposit 

Once you sign the Proposal and Terms & Conditions the next step will be to submit your deposit for 55% of the project's budget. This number will be listed in your proposal. 

We accept 3 methods of payment:

  1. ACH- Online
  2. Credit/Debit- Online
  3. Check- Mailed

5: Pre-Production 

Once we have received your initial deposit, we will begin pre-production on your video.

A video involves many moving parts, from coordinating with you and your team on scheduling, to booking crew, obtaining the proper permits and paperwork, and in some cases casting actors, gathering props, and finding special equipment that will make this shoot really special.

The goal in this stage of the video project is to have everything ready before we ever step foot on set, so that on that first day of filming we are prepared, organized and ready to go.

This typically takes two weeks.

6: Production 

When it comes time to roll cameras, we enter the production stage of your video project. Production is, quite simply, getting everyone together around the cameras, on the set, so that we can film what we need to film. Whether your video project involves interviews, or focuses on a cast of actors, or a specific part of your engineering process, a talented team of behind-the-scenes crew will work closely with you to help tell this story.

The director and producer you have been working with in pre-production will be with you every step of the way to ensure that you get the same high quality video project that we talked about on that first call.

7: Editing 

Once we've completed filming, we take the footage back to our office where an editor who has been actively involved in the creative process from the beginning starts to study and understand the footage. The process of editing is where the story comes to life, finding the best footage from the production, and splicing it together in an artful and thoughtful way.

We add music, sound effects, motion graphics and visual effects to help tell the story.

This process typically takes 2-3 weeks depending on the complexity of a project, and on your needs and schedule.

8: Revisions

Your input is invaluable to us, while we have studied and researched your information extensively, you are still the expert. We build in two rounds of revisions to every video we produce so that you have a chance to voice your opinion, offer your thoughts, and collaborate with us as we steer the video in the right direction. With your feedback, we move forward and update our first draft before receiving another round of feedback from you. 

9: Color and Sound

After the second round of feedback, the video is sent to our color correction and sound design team. Here the video goes from being awesome to being amazing. The colors make the video pop, bringing it to life in a way you've not seen before. The sound design not only cleans up and makes the audio crisper, but also adds in the types of sound effects that really help the flow of the story.

10: Delivery

Once the movie has been through the final color correction and sound design team, we will happily upload it to Vimeo for you, and provide you with any file format you need for however you plan to use the video.